How long does it take for plumbers putty to dry?

Question by nunmorenegative72: How long does it take for plumbers putty to dry?
I replaced the basket strainers in my kitchen sink and put the plumbers putty on the top part. how long before I can run the water.

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Answer by Mr Fixit
Plumbers putty never dries completely; It is ready to go as soon as you install it.

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  1. Corky R says:

    If you installed the basket strainer correctly, then you can run the water immediately. After a short time of running the water through the drain to make sure it’s not leaking, put the stopper in the new basket and fill the sink about half way, that will check the seal at the basket. If all is well , empty it out and you’re good to go. Good brands of plumber’s putty never get completely dry.

  2. jay p says:

    immediatly. putty never really dries. that is why you use it. go ahead and test your handy work. use hot water, it may leak even if cold does not.

  3. sensible_man says:

    Plumbers putty contains oil so it will; never dry and crack. You can use the sink immediately. The oil is the reason it should not be used on marble sinks.

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